Online Therapy

Online therapy: The therapy option in the time of Covid-19

The world is experiencing a time of extreme disruption and uncertainty due to the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus. More and more countries and communities have adopted the principle of social distancing. While these strategies go a long way towards protecting the vulnerable, they feel really hard for us as human beings. Social isolation is hard on the spirit and also hard for those already living with anxiety and depression. If this is you, please reach out rather than trying to white-knuckle through. 

Why Online only?
Because I believe that therapy has to offer a safe space for clients (physically, emotionally and psychologically), I am only offering online therapy for now. My household - with three young adults currently in 3 different educational contexts - is far from watertight when it comes to exposure to this virus. As such, I don't want to expose any clients to the potential risks of meeting face-to-face. In addition, therapy whilst wearing masks and following the prescribed protocols feels counterintuitive and problematic to me. Whilst I would so enjoy meeting in person, it has to be Plan B for now. 

Staying Connected
I use the online platform Zoom - a reliable, secure and good quality software. Zoom offers a full-featured Basic Plan for free with unlimited meetings and can be used for Individual online video counseling as well as for Couples therapy when partners are either together or in different locations.

Please let me know if you would like to make an appointment for an Online Therapy session and I will book your appointment and send you your confirmation via email. At the time of your appointment, I will send you a Zoom meeting request. In the interim, you can download Zoom either onto your PC or Laptop using the following link: or from the App Store on your phone.