Couples Therapy

  • Couples Therapy / Marriage Therapy
  • Marriage Enrichment
  • Re-marriage / blended family counselling
I provide therapy for couples who are in crisis as well as couples who are looking to heal, strengthen or deepen their relationships. I have a particular interest in Couples Therapy and a significant part of my practice is dedicated specifically to relationship work.

My approach when working with couples, is to look for the deeper patterns and sometimes the more unconscious reasons for the conflict and disconnection in a relationship. This intervention is not a formulaic treatment plan designed to treat the more superficial aspects of a partnership. Rather, my approach aims to facilitate insight in order to create real and lasting shifts in the dynamics and intimate connection between partners. My focus is on working with:

Couples in Crisis
When a crisis hits a relationship, either one or both of the partners involved feel the need to access professional intervention. Inviting a Couples Therapist into this raw and vulnerable space can take an enormous amount of courage - but can often mark the beginning of the healing process.

Couples in "Stuckness"
Arguments that go round in circles, no-go discussion areas, undisclosed fears, emotional guardedness and feelings of isolation - and that's the not-so-unusual relationship! There are times in relationships when issues have become so loaded, perspectives so entrenched and roles so rigid that "working on your relationship" seems to go no-where. The reality is, the areas in which we most experience "stuckness" and pain in our most intimate relationships are the portals through which we can access the most significant personal insights and growth.

Re-marriage counselling
A second (or third) marriage comes with it's own challenges: blended families; step-children; impaired trust and historical wounds. These challenges are not to be under-estimated. They can de-stabilise and stress a newly forged partnership unnecessarily. Reaching agreement and setting parameters on how to: parent step-children; sensitively blend families; relate to ex-partners; and create a new type of "family" can defuse potential land-mines before they cause damage. There are multiple aspects to consider when two families blend to create one new entity. It is my belief that many difficulties can be avoided when this process is managed intentionally rather than just optimistically hoping it all works out.

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